Which 10 fashion retailers are implementing sustainable shipping and delivery practices?

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1. Patagonia – offers free repairs on their products and sustainable packaging
2. Eileen Fisher – uses biodegradable and recycled packaging materials
3. Reformation – carbon offsets all of their shipping emissions
4. Everlane – partners with carbon-neutral shipping companies and designs shipping boxes to minimize waste
5. Levi’s – uses recycled and biodegradable packaging materials and has a goal to eliminate all single-use plastics by 2025
6. Allbirds – uses 90% post-consumer recycled cardboard for their shipping boxes
7. Alternative Apparel – uses eco-friendly packaging materials and partners with sustainable shipping companies
8. Amour Vert – uses compostable packaging materials and donates a portion of their profits to environmental initiatives
9. Nisolo – uses biodegradable and recycled packaging materials and offsets their shipping emissions
10. PACT – uses 100% recycled packaging materials and partners with carbon-neutral shipping companies.

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